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Need a New Roof in Albany NY? We Offer Professional Roofing Services in Albany, NY and the Surrounding Areas! Call 518-229-4458.

Need a new roof in Albany, NY? Looking to get your roof repaired? Welcome to S&G Roofing, located in Niskayuna, NY. We offer a wide variety of residential and commercial roofing services including roof replacements, installations and repairs. Call us today for a free estimate at 518-229-4458.

Our Services Include:

At S&G Roofing in Niskayuna NY, we have been offering exceptional roofing services to customers in Upstate New York for over 14 years. We are qualified to work on all phases of residential and commercial roofing from repairs to complete roof replacements.

At S&G Roofing, we serve Albany, NY and surrounding areas with guaranteed fair and low pricing for our quality work. We are also known for our quick start to completion times as well as the warranty we offer on our labor against any malfunctions, including leaks and blow-offs.

Our roofing contractors will happily provide you with excellent customer service, no matter what the size of your roof repair job. Additional services we offer include painting, siding and windows. Call us today for a FREE estimate!


Why Call Us?

  • We use upgraded ventilation systems to insure maximum shingle life.
  • We install 15# or 30# ASTM certified felt underlayment on all roof installations.
  • We use new pipe on every job.
  •  We offer hail damage inspection and repair.
  • We nail all of our shingles rather than using staples. This method provides far better wind protection.
  • We install Ice & Water Shield on all chimneys, valleys, skylights, and roof edges to prevent leaks due to blowing rain and ice build-up. We do this at every job.

Common Roof Problems

  • Black or Green Streaks - discoloration cause by algae
  • Older Roof - most shingles need replacement every 10-25 years
  • Curled Up Shingles - easily damaged, allow rain into your home
  • Spot on Your Interior Ceiling - can indicate roof leakage and a need for a roof repair
  • Worn-Off Granules - fail to protect shingles from sunlight and water, resulting in deterioration
  • Loose or Missing Shingles - cause leakage
  • Cracked Shingles - commonly lead to leakage

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From roof repairs to new roof installations, call the experts at S&G Roofing to fix all of your roofing issues! We provide top quality services with a wide variety of color and styles to choose from. We'll keep your home looking great while preventing leaks and loss of energy.

Call S&G Roofing, in Niskayuna NY today at 518-229-4458 for a free estimate!